Teeth Whitening Tips: Foods That Can Enhance Your Smile

Posted on: 18 March 2015

Are you tired of smiling yet concealing your teeth because your teeth are not white? The following are 3 foods to add to your diet that will help you get a whiter and brighter smile.

Foods That Contain Malic Acid

Malic acid is found in several foods, like strawberries and apples. This active ingredient breaks down the biofilm that stains and bacteria create to stick to your teeth. You will effectively weaken the biofilm when you consume foods with malic acid. You should be able to use your toothbrush or water to simply rinse away the residue. Malic acid will also activate your salivary glands. And saliva is your first line of defense against oral ailments like stains or cavities. Your saliva will also help wash away the biofilm.

You should consider apples for an extra oomph of whitening power. Apples, on top of having malic acid, are also crunchy. This crunchiness should help scrape stains off the surface of your teeth.

Add Vitamin K2 & Calcium Dairy Foods

The whitening agent in dairy products is lactic acid. This works the same way malic acid does by breaking down the biofilm that stains and bacteria create to stick to your teeth.

Yet dairy products also contain calcium, and your teeth are mostly made of calcium. The calcium in dairy should help you remineralize your teeth. Strong enamel should help fend off stain-causing bacteria from attempting to stick to your teeth.

Some dairy, especially properly aged products like cheese or yogurt will enhance your whitening results. They will not only help whiten your teeth but also protect them from any tooth-eroding attacks because they contain vitamin K2. Your body uses this vitamin to pinpoint calcium-deficient areas in your body. To receive this benefit, consider eating aged cheeses, yogurt, or milk kefir. Vitamin K2 can help your body detect dental erosion or dental abrasions and properly re-calcify those areas.

Bromelain-Ridden Foods

Bromelain is an active ingredient that can help whiten your smile. This ingredient has been shown to combat stain-causing bacteria, as it is poisonous to them. And it also helps lift stains like tobacco or coffee stains from your teeth.

This ingredient attacks the adhesive properties of biofilm, like the other nutrients mentioned above. Sadly, this ingredient is only found in pineapples, but there are several hundred types of pineapples available to you. The four most common are the following:

  • Smooth Cayenne
  • Queen
  • Red Spanish
  • Abacaxi

As you can see, you can have whiter teeth through natural means. Just remember that the aforementioned ingredients are meant to deal with surface stains. You will need to talk to a dentist (such as Credit Creek Dental) if the stains do not go away, as they may have penetrated into the dentin surface of your teeth. And you need a specialized hand to remove stains in the dentin of your teeth.