How To Give Yourself A Lovely New Look

Posted on: 12 August 2015

Do you feel like you've let your appearance go recently? Maybe you've looked at yourself in the mirror and have considered that making some changes in your appearance would give you greater self confidence. Looking nice definitely has its important advantages. For example, attractive people are viewed as being healthier, it's easier for them to find mates and they are even treated better by others. Perhaps it's time to do a personal assessment to see what you can do to get the look you want.

A New Hairstyle - Have you been wearing your hair the same way for a long time? If you want to change things up a bit, think about getting your hair cut or trimmed by a professional who can make recommendations of styles that would look good on you.  If you have something specific in mind, it's helpful for you to take a picture of the style you like to the beautician.  Think about imitating the style of a celebrity that has your same face shape and coloring. If you don't want anything too drastic, even layering your shoulder length hair or getting bangs might make a big difference. 

A Makeover -  Consider making an appointment to have an aesthetician demonstrate how you should apply your makeup. It may be that you need to add more color to your face. One of the newest things in cosmetics is bronzers. The aesthetician will show you how to use them to enhance your cheek bones and how to blend them to accentuate your eyes and other parts of your face. You'll also learn ho to use concealers to hide tiny wrinkles and other problem areas.

Enhance Your Smile - Even if you had braces previously and you have nice, even teeth, it may be time to whiten them. You can try over-the-counter teeth whiteners and they might do the job for you. However, if you go to a dentist your teeth will be whiter sooner. The process is pretty simple. An impression of your bottom and top teeth will be made and you'll receive rubber plates that match your teeth exactly. Each morning and each evening you'll put a chemical substance into the plates and leave them in your mouth for about twenty to thirty minutes. After your teeth have achieved the brightness you desire, you're done! Many dentists have a plan that offers teeth whitening throughout your life at no added cost. For more information on whitening, look here.

It's helpful to write down the names and brands of your new cosmetic colors so you can replace them easily. In addition, think about taking before-and-after pictures just for the fun of it.