Serving The Underserved: Dental Outreach Programs In Canada

Posted on: 5 October 2015

Working as a dentist in Canada (at a place like Family Dental Care by East Mall Family Dental) means that you probably spend most of your days working out of an office or clinic close to a major metropolitan area. You have regular patients and see many people. However, some dentists are not content with the predictability that this type of work brings. In fact, they want to do much more with their licenses and education, and for them there are a number of dental outreach programs for the underserved. If this sounds like something you might be interested in as a dentist, here are some suggestions of the types of programs for which you could volunteer.   

Homeless Shelters and Domestic Violence Shelters

Homeless people and abused or battered women and children need dental care every bit as much as the next person does. In fact, given their environmental situations, lack of opportunities for proper hygiene and/or abuse, they need a dentist's help even more. If you donate your time and skills to these shelters, you are helping so many men, women and children get better oral health care and replace the teeth they have lost. This can help them on their roads to finding employment from which they may be held back because of their smiles or the health of their teeth.

Aboriginal Canadians

Some tribes of aboriginal Canadians may have a dentist already providing them with services, while others do not. The more remote the village and the people, the higher the probability that they do not have access to a good dentist and/or professional dental care. There are government programs set up to connect dentists to these native peoples of Canada, and you can sign up for short-term or long-term duties to help.

Remote Provincial Inhabitants

Some people enjoy living in the vast wilderness of the more remote provinces. Unfortunately, that means that these inhabitants are without medical and dental care for long periods, and they either must fly into a more heavily populated area or have someone fly out to them. Programs for the underserved in remote provincial areas allow you as a dentist to explore more of the country you might not ordinarily see while providing much needed dental care to individuals who desperately need it. Weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly fly-ins may be possible, depending on the program and where you are headed. Your memberships in professional dental organizations can help connect you to these programs.