• FAQs About Dental Care For A Parent With Alzheimer's Disease

    As the caregiver of a parent with Alzheimer's disease, you have to ensure that his or her hygiene and health are properly tended to. Your parent's dental hygiene is part of the care regimen. If you are caring for a parent with Alzheimer's, here is what you need to know about his or her oral health. What Health Problems Can Occur? Regardless of medical condition, everyone has the potential to develop dental problems.
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  • Benefits Of Dental Implants

    If you need to have a missing tooth replaced, your dentist may offer you a few options including dental bridges, partial dentures and dental implants. In many cases, dental implants can offer the best longevity and strength when compared to your other options. Here are some of the many benefits of dental implants.  Long-Lasting Dental implants are made out of a very strong porcelain material for the crown and titanium for the base.
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